We got enough admins.

Hi everyone this is the admin page if you need any help you know Admins what are their jobs if you want to be an admin has the founder and we'll see.

Our admins

These are our admins in Write away wiki who will protect the pages change anything that need to be change.

Active admins:

  • Ally2002 (Founder/Head Admin/ Bureaucrat) Job: Keep an eye out for admins, vandalism and monitors patrols and run the wiki.
  • Leonetta4ever (Admin/Rollback) Job: Keep an eye out for vadalism and reprort them to the founder, monitors and patrol and sometimes creates templates.

Inactive admins:

  • DjCadence ThePenguin (Admin/Rollback) Job: Keep an eye out for vadalism and reprort them to the founder and monitors and patrol.

Administrator abilities

These are the abilities admins have:

  • Block users/contributors from vandalism to pages or blog post.
  • Delete or undelete pages or blog post.
  • Design the wiki's look.

What admins most not do

  • Don't use your powers in a wrong way if do you'll not be an admin anymore.

Questions we might ask if you want to become an admin

  1. Why do want to become an admin?
  2. What are your weakness of being an user?
  3. What are your strenghts of being an user?
  4. What does user friends and real life friends think of? (And be honest)
  5. Will you do all the jobs I give you?
  6. Will you the follow rules I will give you?