Most of you know that I'm from New Zealand, and soon school is starting for a new year. I really can't handle the amount of feelings I'm having for this new start. I'm going to be in year 8 (grade 7) and I feel like I'm still in year seven. It's annoying having to adapt to these new changes! Hopefully I'll adapt quickly.

Will I have a new crush? Will I ever gain new friends? I'm scared. My best friend will be separated from me because we'll be in different classes and that means that we'll both be having new friends.

I can't wait to start on new projects. Maybe write a new novel? Create some recipes? Shoot some hoops in Netball? Who knows what the future would bring!

I've got to write to Atriny about this. She might understand, even though if she's all the way in Argentina. Gotta hurry!